10-8 Systems selected to accelerate innovation for governments in global AWS GovTech Accelerator

10-8 Systems will use AWS cloud services to enhance and modernize the technological capabilities of emergency response centers, creating seamless communication and information sharing during critical incidents.

LOCATION (Sept 19, 2023) — 10-8 Systems today announced its selection to participate in the global AWS GovTech Accelerator, a program from Amazon Web Services (AWS) designed to help startups develop solutions that address the needs of government agencies.

Across the United States, many 911 centers are running on legacy technology vulnerable to disaster-related outages, while others face staffing gaps as high as 50%. Courts and other justice and public safety organizations are targeted by a rising number of cyber events, as the digitization of paper workloads increases the amount of sensitive data requiring secure storage. In response, AWS launched its first GovTech Accelerator with a focus on justice and public safety.

The goal is to support the development of technologies that can address challenges such as increasing community engagement, deterring crime, and reducing recidivism. The AWS GovTech Accelerator includes both a four-week virtual program and in-person opportunities for technical and business mentorship for GovTech startups.

10-8 Systems is one of 13 organizations selected for the inaugural AWS GovTech Accelerator. This opportunity will support 10-8 Systems’ efforts to leverage AWS cloud services to transform public safety organizations, enhancing their technological capabilities for seamless communication and information sharing during critical incidents.

“We at 10-8 Systems are excited to be at the cutting-edge of public safety. By working with AWS to advance our mission of modernizing emergency response infrastructure, our relationship with AWS will undoubtedly amplify our efforts to enhance communication and coordination during critical incidents, leading to safer and more resilient communities.” Kevin Ruef, Director of Business Operations, 10-8 Systems.

The AWS GovTech Accelerator provides hands-on AWS and technical training as well as business mentorship from AWS customers and members of the AWS Partner Network (APN). 10-8 Systems will also receive AWS computing credits and opportunities to speak with leaders in government technology to understand their unique needs and challenges.

“Innovation is one of our core leadership principles at AWS,” said Kim Majerus, voice president of global education and US state and local government at AWS. “That is why we launched the AWS GovTech Accelerator, to help startups innovate solutions supporting first responders, courts, emergency services, and more. We want to help accelerate development, iteration, and launch of these crucial solutions.”

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About 10-8 Systems

10-8 Systems is a leading provider of advanced, cloud-native public safety software solutions, including computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, mobile CAD, record management, and more. Founded in 2019, the company is headquartered in Orange County, CA, and serves hundreds of agencies across the United States. Built by first responders, 10-8 Systems’ mission is to empower public safety with the most advanced, intuitive, and reliable technology (at an affordable price).

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FRANKFORT, KY. – In a historic collaboration with 10-8 Systems, the Kentucky State Police (KSP) is leading the United States in advanced public safety technology by being the first to deploy a statewide, cloud-based computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system.

10-8 Systems, a leader in public safety technology, partnered with KSP to accomplish an unprecedented deployment within 108 days of the contract signatures — a process typically taking between 18 to 36 months with legacy solutions. 

Moreover, 10-8 Systems seamlessly migrated historical data from KSP’s previous system, ensuring a smooth transition and preserving valuable information that will continue to aid in ongoing investigations and operations. This milestone exemplifies the commitment to excellence and seamless collaboration between 10-8 Systems and KSP.

Kentucky State Police selected 10-8 Systems after an extensive evaluation process that involved input from multiple stakeholders, including dispatchers, state troopers, and IT professionals. The agency cited several key factors influencing their decision, including the system’s cloud-native architecture, flexibility, ease of use, scalability, and reliability.

Hosted on the Amazon Web Services Government Cloud (AWS GovCloud), 10-8 Systems’ innovative CAD solution offers geographic redundancy and load balancing, ensuring seamless operation even under extreme demand. Telecommunicators and first responders utilizing the system will have direct access to critical information, updated maps, imagery, and resources, significantly streamlining their ability to respond efficiently and effectively to emergency calls.

The novel cloud-based CAD system fosters unparalleled interoperability among 10-8 Systems users. KSP, in conjunction with an initial 52 agencies, including law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services, are already connected to this advanced system. Multiple additional agencies are in the pipeline to join the system. This expansive network paves the way for KSP to disseminate crucial, timely information to various agencies.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear lauded the new technology, saying, “This new technology is helping us better serve and protect our Kentucky families when they need it most. I am proud of KSP’s efforts to strengthen public safety by becoming the first to launch this new system that will connect more first responders, improving responder safety and reducing response times.”

KSP Commissioner Phillip Burnett Jr. stated, “We are the first agency in the nation to launch a statewide cloud-based system. KSP and 52 other agencies, which include law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services who we dispatch for, will be connected to this new system. This will enable KSP to share critical, timely information with those agencies as well while also improving efficiency and enhancing responder safety.”

This unprecedented technology enables KSP to improve its response times to 911 calls and non-emergency incidents, introducing a texting capability for dispatchers and callers when a call cannot be made. This comprehensive system marks a transformative milestone in advancing public safety technology for Kentucky and showcases future possibilities for public safety advancement and interoperability.

“We at 10-8 Systems are thrilled to partner with the Kentucky State Police in providing cutting-edge technology to support the commonwealth,” said Kevin Ruef, Director of Business Operations at 10-8 Systems. “It is an honor for us to be selected, and we are excited about the positive impact our solutions will have on enhancing law enforcement operations and ensuring public safety. Together with KSP, we look forward to a successful collaboration and making a real difference in the lives of the people of Kentucky.”

Jimmy Kitchens, the 9-1-1 Business Administrator for the Kentucky State Police, added, “KSP personnel attended demonstrations of 16 different CAD providers in our search for a stable system that was easy to train on, easy to use, and contained robust capabilities. The choice to switch CAD vendors was not made lightly. It required a focus in areas of functionality, sustainability, adaptability, growth potential, ease of use, support, customer reviews, and fiscal impact along with many other variables. 10-8 Systems has a unique ability to scale up its system based on load demand by partnering with Amazon Web Services in a fully cloud-native environment removing the need for on-premise equipment, maintenance, etc. The functionality of the system is all-inclusive, and its ability to integrate to other 3rd party applications seamlessly is extremely beneficial. Support from contract to deployment and after has been truly remarkable with courteous, timely responses that don’t result in up-charges or fees to enhance the product for end-user experience. This was a positive move by KSP that will enable us to document and share critical information with responders and reduce call processing times in our Communications Center resulting in a more efficient response for Kentuckians.”

By integrating advanced cloud technology, 10-8 Systems and the Kentucky State Police set a new benchmark for public safety technology, paving the way for future innovations and enhanced community safety.


About 10-8 Systems

10-8 Systems is a leading provider of advanced, cloud-native public safety software solutions, including computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, mobile CAD, record management, and more. Founded in 2019, the company is headquartered in Orange County, CA, and serves hundreds of agencies across the United States. Built by first responders, 10-8 Systems’ mission is to empower public safety with the most advanced, intuitive, and reliable technology (at an affordable price). 

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