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How Security Dispatch Software Helps Improve Your Business

The use of security dispatch software has become a necessity for companies in the business of providing security services.  Regardless of the size of an organization or the scope of services offered, security company management software improves the overall operation of a business. 10-8 Systems can provide state of the art security dispatch software that is affordable, flexible, and customizable to meet the needs of any security service provider. 

There are a variety of ways in which security dispatching software can be advantageous to a security provider.  Three specific categories relating to improving the effectiveness of a security business through dispatching software include; (1) increased productivity by field units, (2) officer safety and accountability, and (3) administrative and management needs.    

Security Company Software and its Use by Field Units

Increasing the productivity of employees is a common goal shared by most companies. Security businesses are no different in that they expect their officers in the field to provide quality service to the client. Security dispatch software is designed to help officers enhance their job performance in a way that will meet the often aligned needs of both the company and the client.  

When an incident occurs, dispatchers, using security management software, can quickly determine its priority level.  Sometimes, an immediate response is warranted, and dispatchers can locate the closest unit for assignment by utilizing GPS and mobile technology. For incidents in which a rapid response is not needed, dispatchers can place the call in a holding queue and add specific notes to the event. Then, as officers become available, the information can be accessed, and an appropriate response can begin.

Report writing is a necessary and common element of the security business. Managers and clients rightfully expect certain incidents to be documented. Field units can increase accuracy and expediency when information needed for reports is readily available through security dispatching software. Much of the data required to document an incident can be automatically populated into a report directly from the computer-aided dispatching software. Items such as the times of an incident, the location of occurrence, persons involved, units assigned, and a variety of other valuable material will not have to be manually entered as it will already be part of the integrated software system.  The efficiency of this process allows officers to get back to patrol and other field work as soon as possible. It also permits security managers and clients to access the desired report without delay.

The Role of Security Dispatch in Officer Safety and Accountability

Knowing the location of officers can assist in case assignment and check-in accountability. However, the value of unit tracking as part of a security dispatching software system is best demonstrated with regard to officer safety. Little will garner the undivided attention of all personnel who are on-duty quite like the officer whose whereabouts and condition are unknown. Through the use of GPS and mapping technology, dispatchers and other field units can quickly access the location of the officer and coordinate a response to ensure his or her safety. 

Security officers are often tasked with patrol duties requiring check-ins at designated locations. Combined with mobile technology, security dispatching software provides an assortment of tools to improve the productivity and accountability of this function. Each check-in location is automatically logged based on the time and ID number of the officer. Additionally, notes can be added by field units, dispatchers, or supervisors to document any significant occurrences or to relay important information.  At the end of a shift, or any other time it may be required, the dispatching software can produce detailed activity logs of security check-ins. These can be particularly useful for internal management as well as for client review. 

Security Company RMS Software Provides Reports for Supervisors and Executives  

In addition to check-in reports, security dispatching software has integrated records management systems (RMS) that can facilitate activity logs that contain details of nearly all occurrences during a shift. These customizable reports can include summaries of incidents, maps of patrol routes, personnel shift assignments, manhours worked, and nearly any other operational data needed. The activity logs can be produced for any time interval required; daily, weekly, monthly, or for specific days and times. 

These reports can be provided to clients in a form that represents a big picture approach or one that details a specific event. For example, an activity log spanning a month may be used to demonstrate the totality of the services being provided by a security company.  Similarly, a daily report may serve to inform a client about a particular incident and how it was managed. 

The detailed activity logs provided by security dispatching software are of tremendous value to security company managers and executives. First-line and mid-level supervisors can use these reports for scheduling, zone/post assignment, special duties, and to review performance. Company owners and executives benefit from the data these logs provide in areas such as budgeting, personnel needs, and to measure the overall productivity of the business. Further, they can play a significant role in helping to determine if services and territories can be expanded. This allows the company to grow based on data-driven projections.

Ultimately, security dispatching software serves a multitude of needs for any type of security company. Customizable software programs from 10-8 Systems can fit organizations from just a few employees covering a single location to companies with hundreds of staff members protecting assets around the globe. Those who would harm others are known for leveraging technology. Logic dictates companies committed to safety and security would want every advantage when providing protection for their clients.           


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