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What Makes a Good Security Guard Dispatcher in 2022

The integration of a good computer-aided dispatch software (CAD) with security dispatching software can greatly improve the security guard industry. Not unlike their public safety counterparts like law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, and first responders, the use of private security professionals rely on advances in technology such as security dispatching software to enhance the service they can provide to their clients.  

Regardless of the technology, however, the human element cannot be overlooked. One of the key positions within a security organization is that of the dispatcher: the proverbial glue that holds it all together. When company decision-makers are developing the criteria to determine what makes a good security guard dispatcher, it may be beneficial to ask those who are already experienced professionals in the position. Take a look at some of these responses from established security dispatchers: 

Security Dispatching Software for Residential Service Providers

Angela works for a company providing safety and security patrol/response for a private gated community of about 2,300 homes. She has been a security guard dispatcher for seven years.  When asked what makes someone a good security dispatcher, her first response was concern for the safety of the officers. “I feel responsible for their safety. When they are in the field, I try to make sure I know where they are and that they have checked in with dispatch within a reasonable time.”  

Angela went on to describe her use of security dispatching software and its integrated GPS technology to allow her to pinpoint the location of each security guard on patrol. “The officers use the app on their cell phone to check-in at various locations during their patrols. If they miss one or if too much time has gone between check-ins, I get an alert and can find out if they are alright.” She noted she uses the mapping feature in the security dispatching software to enhance security guard companies by finding the closest back-up unit and getting them on the way. “It is usually just an oversight on the officer’s part, but it is good to know the technology is there to help me keep my guards safe.”

Major Event Venues and Security Dispatching Software 

At a large Midwest convention center, Tony supervises the security dispatch center. Having spent 24 years as a security officer and field supervisor, he was promoted to the center administrator’s position four years ago. He said he has found the qualities that make a good security dispatcher are similar to those that make any good security professional: they have to care about what they are doing. “One of the best ways my company has promoted the attitude of caring is by providing the staff with the tools they need. Our officers have professional uniforms and top-notch mobile devices. Our dispatchers use state-of-the-art security management software which they repeatedly tell me helps them do their job better.”

Tony said his team’s ability to utilize security dispatching software to continually monitor the entire complex means enhanced safety for event patrons, convention center staff, and his officers. “My dispatchers can use their software program to determine any gaps in security as they monitor crowd size throughout the convention center. Officers on the floor can then be dispatched to cover more populated areas, providing safety based on mere presence.” He also stated the integrated surveillance camera system helped his team ensure patrols of other areas were also carried out including outside and limited access points.

Security Dispatching Software for a Variety of Service Functions 

Sara is a security dispatcher for a multi-faceted provider servicing several states in the Northeast. Her job site consists of two, 15 story office buildings sharing a two-acre light industrial complex. She has been on the job for four years and had this to say when asked about what makes a good security dispatcher, “You have to be able to multitask to do this job. The safety of a lot of people depends on us being able to manage information in a timely manner.” She also noted her use of security dispatching software was vital to her ability to manage the information she mentioned.

Sara went on, “it is pretty common that I have to relay information to officers about trucks coming into the compound. The first year or so I was here, we used a radio, but there was so much going on that people kept talking over each other. With the dispatching software, the officers and I can send messages and pictures back and forth. This helps us make sure the right information is getting to the right person.” Sara also said the system allows her to have several chat conversations occurring at the same time, but only those officers who need to be included are in the messaging stream. “The radio still has its uses, but with officers all over the complex, it is easier to communicate through chat messages.”  

Customer Service and Security Dispatching Software 

Overall security management for the company Sara is employed with is handled by Terry, a supervisor with 27 years of security experience. Terry found that quality dispatchers have customer service as one of their priorities. She expounded, “while the term ‘customer service’ is sometimes used as part of a combination of buzz words, it is important for security companies to examine who their customers really are.” Terry described the most common entity identified as a customer in her industry as the client. The owner of the industrial complex where Sara works, for instance, is a prime example of the security company customer. After all, they pay for the service.  

However, without discounting the client’s importance, Terry was quick to point out two other examples of the customers they serve. “There are hundreds of people who work in or visit the properties we cover with our security services. While they do not actually pay us, they are nevertheless under our care and we treat them as our customers.” Finally, Terry pointed out what she considers a very important part of her customer base. “Every employee in our company is also my customer. If I provide for their needs, they can better serve the client.” She concluded with the topic at hand and noted by providing quality security dispatching software to her team, she was benefiting all of those she calls customers.



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